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Learning through FUN can be the key to inspiring students to achieve their full potential both inside and outside the classroom even during the summer!

Cedarwood Camps and Aquatics, an energizing & creative camp for children two years old through third grade is the setting for exploration, creativity, and discovery.

Integrating creative arts and drama, robotics, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), music and movement.

Experienced and talented teaching professionals will spark campers' imaginations, creating a variety of theme-based indoor and outdoor activities to encourage curiosity, creativity and confidence.

SESSION 1 CIRCUS UNDER THE BIG TOP!  June 3 - June 14  (ages 2 years old - 3rd grade)

  • Welcome to “The Big Top” where campers will explore and create the exhilarating elements of an enchanting circus.

  • Led by their ringmasters, each day will be filled with wonder and excitement as campers explore the world of magicians and musicians, jugglers and tricksters, lions, tigers, and clowns. These reveling campers will experience the magic of the circus!

  • So step right up, one and all, and let the fun begin! "The Big Top" awaits, ready to dazzle and delight. 


June 17 - June 28   PERFORMANCE DAY FRIDAY JUNE 28th (ages 2 years old - 7th grade)

  • "A Camping We Will Go" PERFORMANCE CAMP invites children to embark on an imaginative journey through the wonders of nature and outdoor adventures.
  • Campers will explore the art of storytelling, music, and theater as they bring to life the joys and challenges of camping in the great outdoors.
  • Through creative expression, collaboration and teamwork, participants will develop the confidence to shine both on and off the stage. From singing around the campfire to acting out wilderness escapades, every moment at our performance camp will be filled with laughter, fun, and friendship. Join us for an unforgettable performance on June 28th.



 July 8 - July 19 (ages 2 years old - 3rd grade)

  • Welcome aboard FULL STEAM AHEAD, where children ages 2-9 will dive into the exciting worlds of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics!
  • From coding robots to designing architectural wonders, campers explore the wonders of STEM and art, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Through engaging activities and collaborative projects, children will embark on a dynamic journey of discovery, unleashing their potential as future innovators and creators. Join us as we ignite passions, inspire creativity, and set sail on a thrilling adventure of learning and exploration at FULL STEAM AHEAD camp!

Infants - 3-year-olds

Led by early childhood education specialists, campers will engage in a variety of activities to develop social, emotional, verbal, and self-discovery skills.

Each theme-based session will include art, storytelling, music, movement, puppetry, hands-on exploration, and water games.

3-year old campers will participate in recreational swimming.

Lunch and snacks are included.

Children in the 2′s group are not required to be potty trained.

PreK - Kindergarten

 Led by experienced teachers, campers will dive into each sessions’ theme, incorporating art, science, hands-on STEAM activities, music and movement, indoor and outdoor games, recreational swimming, and water games.

Campers must bring lunch and snacks. 

Catered lunch option available for purchase.

Concessions are available through the snack bar option. 

1st-4th graders 

Led by talented and experienced creative arts teachers, campers will participate in specialty theme-based activities ranging from robotics and STEAM activities to fine arts, choreography, creative movement, prop making and set design, games, mind bending escape room challenges, recreational swimming and more.

Campers must bring lunch and snacks. 

Catered lunch option available for purchase.

Concessions are available through the snack bar option. 

Swimming Lessons (ages 3 & up)

Learning to swim is one of the most important life skills for a child. 

Cedarwood is committed to providing developmentally appropriate swimming instruction so each child can enjoy a lifetime of safe water enjoyment. 

Building confidence while having fun leads to success.

The success of the Cedarwood Aquatics Program is accomplished by the highly skilled yet experienced and certified Aquatics instructors and lifeguards.

Cedarwood’s Aquatics Program is instructed by an American Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructors. The program focuses on making each child feel comfortable in the water, while instilling basic swim safety and knowledge of the swim strokes. 

Call 985-845-7111 for more information.