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Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Hi, wonderful parents and guardians!

Cedarwood school believes in providing students with safe, predictable environments where they feel included and can make connections. PurposeFull People, the Social Emotional Learning curriculum for our Pre-K-5th grade students, not only aligns with this belief but also emphasizes healthy and helpful connections with teachers and classmates, creating a supportive network that extends beyond the classroom walls.

PurposeFull People revolves around three core goals for our students: Be Kind, Be Strong, and Be Well. These aren't just catchy phrases; they represent a comprehensive approach to nurturing the skills and strengths essential for a thriving future.

Be Kind: In this pillar, we focus on social skills such as listening, friendship, conflict resolution, and leadership. These skills are interwoven with the fundamental values of Empathy, Respect, and Cooperation, fostering connections that extend beyond the classroom.

Be Strong: Here, students learn skills that aid in focus, organization, and goal-setting. This pillar incorporates character traits like Responsibility, Courage, and Perseverance, fostering a sense of connection to personal growth and achievement.

Be Well: The pillar “Be Well”  equips students with skills to handle emotions and manage stress, complemented by the principles of Gratitude, Honesty, and Creativity. Through these skills, students develop a deeper connection with their own well-being, allowing them to navigate life's challenges with resilience.

You are invited to join the journey! Keep an eye out for monthly newsletters on Bloomz, where we'll delve into the specific skills and strengths being taught. Each newsletter will offer ways to reinforce these skills at home, discussion starters, and fun challenges for the whole family.

Together, let's embrace the growth that lies ahead! We're eager to partner with you in shaping a future where our students build strong friendships, collaboratively solve problems, develop lifelong skills, and ultimately become PurposeFull People, connected and ready for the adventures ahead. Get ready for an incredible year of empowerment and growth.

Nancy Starr

School Counselor