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Elementary School

We Are Creative

Students succeed through engaging, hands-on activities.

Cedarwood students succeed through engaging in hands-on activities while developing strong bonds with their teachers and friends.

Students PreK 4 – 3rd grade are engaged in a stimulating curriculum crafted to promote confidence and self-growth. 

Working collaboratively, each student can achieve his/her maximum potential.Whole and small-group environments are created to allow students to grow and stretch their level of ability to meet their maximum potential. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are woven throughout the curriculum

Our differentiated curriculum allows students to be challenged within the structure of the classroom while creating a unique environment that meets the needs of each student and develops each student's strengths

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are woven throughout the curriculum.

Core Subjects

English and Language Arts



Social Studies

Enrichment Subjects

Innovation Lab
Physical Education
Library Science




I went to this school from the time I was 3 until I graduated 7th grade. They were some of the most fun and fully educated years of my childhood.  My teachers made ever lasting impressions upon me and gave me life lessons to carry with me throughout my life. Thank you Cedarwood!!!

Cedarwood School Alumni