Teacher Spotlights – Leslie Laskay & Deanna Bruno

Leslie Laskay

Leslie Laskay – Preschool Teacher Spotlight April 2016

Deanna Bruno

Deanna Bruno-Preschool Teacher Assistant Spotlight April 2016

Cedarwood School is proud to announce Leslie Laskay as our Preschool Teacher Spotlight and Deanna Bruno as our Preschool Teacher Assistant Spotlight for April!

Leslie Laskay was born and raised in New Orleans. She moved to the north shore in 1995. Leslie holds a Bachelor of Science degree as well as Masters of Education and Associate degrees in Early Childhood Education. Leslie worked as an Exercise Specialist in Cardiac Rehabilitation prior to joining the faculty at Cedarwood. She has taught at Cedarwood for 16 years. In addition to teaching in the five-year-old program, she has presented at local, state and national conferences (GNOAEYC, LA Preschool and Kindergarten, and NAEYC).
She was introduced to Cedarwood School by a family that she used to work for whose children attended at our school. She had loved the idea of becoming a teacher and decided to go back to school to attain her Early Childhood degree. She later interviewed with the administration and was very happy to have gotten hired to teach the five-year-old program in the preschool.

“Cedarwood’s philosophy and mission are true. We all strive for excellence for our students and we provide a nurturing environment where children can succeed.”

Leslie believes that every child is a gift! She believes that her job as a teacher is to provide an environment where children can grow and develop a love of learning. Her favorite thing about her job is the family feeling that the school and teachers provide. She loves the children that she teaches and her fellow co-workers.

Leslie and her husband Norman will celebrate 44 years of marriage this year. They have one daughter named Socea, a son-in- law, Brian, a daughter-in-law, Julie, and a late son named, Joshua.

Deanna Bruno
has been with Cedarwood as a teacher’s assistant for 22 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Louisiana State University New Orleans.

After having children, Deanna wanted a job that coincided with her children’s schedule and also had the opportunity to teach young children. She knew of Cedarwood from living in the Mandeville area and because of her friendship with the principal and owner, Kathryn Leblanc. She believed in the schools’ philosophy and applied for a position as a teacher’s assistant and was hired. She says her favorite part about her job is doing what she loves most – teaching young children and working with a group of dedicated educators, especially Leslie Laskay.

“Cedarwood School is true to its mission statement to inspire children to reach their potential by teaching the whole child, physically, socially, and intellectually.”

Deanna believes that helping a child be the best they can be academically, also includes nurturing, guiding and encouraging, their social growth. She finds that having fun while learning, makes for a happy child and one that is a life-long learner.

Deanna has been a wife to her husband, Wayne Bruno, for 44 years. She has two adult children, Kelly and David. And she also has two handsome grandsons, Dawson (8) and Dylan (5). Dylan currently attends Cedarwood School in the five-year-old program.