Teacher Spotlight-Melissa Hardesty

Science Teacher Melissa Hardesty

Cedarwood School is proud to announce Melissa Hardesty as our Elementary Teacher Spotlight for March!
Melissa studied psychology and sociology at Appalachian State University, in Boone, NC. She continued her educational pursuits earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from East Carolina University, in Greenville, NC. Melissa is a Kagan certified teacher and specializes in cooperative learning and teaching techniques for grades K-6. She has 10 years of experience as a classroom teacher and currently teaches science to 5th-7th grade students. Melissa has also taken on other leadership opportunities outside of the classroom as school moderator of the Student Council, as well as writing and implementing curriculum for Cedarwood’s Camp Colossal summer programs for 2nd-7th grades.

Melissa found Cedarwood while driving around the local community in search of a school that would provide her with a teaching opportunity that would match her style and passion for teaching. She met with Cedarwood’s Administration and was ecstatic about the opportunities that Cedarwood could provide her as a teacher and as a student.

“I am a life-long learner and am constantly researching new, exciting ways to teach my curriculum. For me every school year is an opportunity to improve upon the last and Cedarwood School allows me to explore different, innovative teaching techniques.”

Melissa believes in a hands-on approach to education. She has seen students’ knowledge and retention grow because

Melissa guiding students through a Marine Biology dissection.

Melissa guiding students through a Marine Biology dissection.

they are actively engaged in the process. Her students work in cooperative learning groups where there is a focus on team work and an appreciation for different points of view and sharing of ideas. Cedarwood School’s student body consists of students from all over the world. With a global approach to teaching and learning, all students gain new experiences through this learning technique.

One thing she would like the community and future Cedarwood parents to know is that “Cedarwood is a school with passionate teachers who love their students and the art of teaching. I consider my friends and colleagues at Cedarwood to be my second family.”

Melissa is also a dedicated mother and wife. Her husband, Davis, is a sport fishing boat captain and her son, Seth, is 15 and attends Mandeville High School. She said that being a mom to Seth has taught her the most about patience, understanding, and the benefit of making a personal connection with each of her students. Her family also has two yellow labs, Dixie and Blue, and enjoys spending time together in the sun.