picCedarwood is excited to announce our new lunch partner, Piccadilly Food Service.

Preschool students are provided with lunch snacks as part of the preschool program.

K-7th grade students may either purchase lunch or bring lunch from home.

The lunch program focuses on developing healthy eating habits for students. Check out the menus below.

Download a printable version of the menu here:

April 2018 Elementary Menu

April 2018 Preschool Menu

May 2018 Preschool Menu

May 2018 Elementary Menu

Cedarwood School’s administration understands the importance of serving a fresh, tasty, well balanced, and nutritious lunch to our students. With those qualities in mind, Piccadilly has been selected to offer our students the delicious meals they deserve.

The Piccadilly management team has worked closely with our school’s administration during the summer months to assure the meals we offer our students are prepared daily with the utmost care and attention given to quality, taste and temperature as well as fresh ingredients. The menu items will be custom created to reflect our students’ unique eating preferences. The meals will be both healthy and kid friendly. In addition, they will provide menu offerings that address the diverse needs of our students.

Please take a few minutes to view the menu selections that will be offered and select the meals that you know your child will enjoy. While some may choose to eat the delicious Piccadilly meal every school day, some may select various lunch days that appeal to the child’s eating habits and desires.

SLC How to order lunches?

The selections you make for your child’s lunches will be made by you online through The School Lunch Choice Program. This online ordering system will allow you to either eat lunch at Cedarwood every day, or pick and choose which days and meals you would like your child to enjoy. The online lunch ordering system is designed specifically for Cedarwood.
Simply click on the School Lunch Choice icon to order or go to . The deadline to order for the month of August is August 9th by 10:00 p.m. via the School Lunch Choice link. The price for lunch is $6.00 per lunch.
September – May lunch orders will be due on the 30th of the previous month by 10:00 p.m., through the School Lunch Choice link.
A daily choice of milk, chocolate milk, juice, or bottled water will be included with the Piccadilly lunch orders.
Students who bring their lunches to school have the option to purchase beverage only through Cedarwood using the ACH Form (Authorization for Direct Payment Form).
Please refer to the FAQ’s and Policies on the School Lunch Choice ordering website.

If you have any questions regarding the lunch program, please contact us in the school office and we will be happy to answer your questions.