Swimming Lessons

Cedarwood's Junior Olympic sized pool features a shallow toddler instructional area as well as lap lanes for advanced swimmers.

Cedarwood’s Junior Olympic sized pool features a shallow toddler instructional area as well as lap lanes for advanced swimmers.

Learn to Swim Programs for Ages 2 and up
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Cedarwood Swim Programs provide six levels of instruction to swimmers. Children are evaluated on the first lesson and placed into the appropriate level for his/her ability.

LEVEL ONE- Water Exploration
Most beginners start here and will become comfortable in the water and begin to develop basic skills to enjoy water safely.

LEVEL TWO-Primary Skills
Swimmers will expand on independent skills they earned in Level I. They will learn rhythmic breathing, floating on their backs and fundamentals of arm stroking and kicking.

LEVEL THREE-Stroke Readiness
Swimmers will begin combining skills to form coordinated swimming strokes. They will become more proficient with freestyle stroke and will develop left and right breathing techniques. Swimmers will float on their backs and be introduced to the back crawl.

LEVEL FOUR-Stoke Development
Swimmers will improve their stroking and breathing techniques while maintaining balance in the water. Floating and treading water to build endurance and safety will be introduced.

LEVEL FIVE-Stroke Refinement
Swimmers will increase endurance and stroke coordination and introduction of the Butterfly stroke.
Perfection of treading water and
floating will be mastered.

LEVEL SIX-Swimming and Skill Proficiency
To refine strokes so that the student can swim with ease, power and smoothness over greater distance.

The success of the Cedarwood Aquatic Program is accomplished by the highly skilled yet experienced and certified Aquatics instructors and lifeguards.

PIC SWIMLearning to swim is one of the most important life skills for a child. Cedarwood is committed to providing developmentally appropriate swimming instruction so each child can enjoy a lifetime of safe water enjoyment.
Building confidence while having fun leads to success.

Sessions are held Mon-Thurs each week . (Fridays are reserved for rainy day make up only)
Each lesson is 40 minutes and includes water safety fundamentals.

June 5-9
June 12-16
June 19-23
June 26-30
July 10-14
July 17-21
July 24-28

4-40 Minute Lessons-Cedarwood Camper: $110 Non Camper: $125

4-40 Minute Lessons – Cedarwood Camper: $160 Non Camper: $175

Children age 2 are required to take private lessons.