Colossal Specialty Camps

Colossal Half Day Mini Camp

For Campers Entering 2nd-7th

Inquisitive minds need to be nourished all year round so why waste precious summer weeks? Half- day and full day, one- week sessions are designed for specific age groups ranging from ages 7 – 12, students entering 2nd -7th grade. Students can select among a menu of challenging and stimulating offerings designed to encourage continued learning while having fun. Each mini-camp will entice your student to spark new interests in Marine Science, Organic Soap and Bath Bomb making, Cup Stacking and Domino Towers, STEM Camp, Volleyball Clinics and more.

Our Summer Camp is designed and run by our professional staff of caring and experienced teachers, many of whom are members of the full time Cedarwood School faculty. They are carefully selected and highly qualified, energetic, and enthusiastic individuals.


One Week, Half Day or Full Day Mini-Camps offered this summer include:

Diving Deep – Marine Science Camp

SOS-Save Our Shore – Marine Science Camp

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering &Math) Camp 

Organic Soap and Bath Bombs & Cup Stacking

Living the Princess Life & Volleyball Clinics


Marine Biology

Camp Hours

Camp Hours for Half Day(AM ONLY)
Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
Dismissal will be prior to lunch &
Arrival: 8:45 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Dismissal: 12:00 p.m. – 12:15 p.m.
The AM will encompass the activities outlined in the session description.

Camp Hours for Full Day Option (AM & PM)
Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
Arrival: 8:45 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Dismissal: 3:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.
The PM Option is an extension of the camp day and is only available in conjunction with the AM Hours. Activities will include swimming, water games, recreational sports, arts and crafts.

Full Day Campers– bring lunch/Concessions available
Full Day Campers will participate in the core activities of the session from 9-noon. PM Activities (12-3PM) will include swimming and water games, recreational sports, and arts and crafts.

Camp Colossal Attire

Campers will receive one camp t-shirt to be worn each day with shorts.

2017 Colossal-Half Day or Full Day Specialty Camp Sessions:

June 5-9………….Diving Deep  (Marine Science Camp for Rising 4th-7th graders)                                                                    Taught by Melissa Hardesty – This session will be an adventure through the layers of the ocean.  Campers will begin with the top layer, where the sunlight is able to sustain life and journey down to the deepest layers that are in complete darkness.  Each day campers will focus on a new layer and learn about the marine life, and features that set it apart from the others. Campers will also learn about adaptions that living organisms must have for survival and will also study real specimens with hands-on dissection activities.

June 5-9……… Is Cinderella Real? (Rising 2nd-3rd graders) (THIS SESSION NO LONGER AVAILABLE)                                                                   Taught by Claire PerkinsOf course, all princesses are real and this session of camp will celebrate them all!  Campers ages 7-10 will enjoy living the “princess” life for one week at this creative camp where everyone is royalty.

June 12-16………..“SOS-Save our Shore (Marine Science Camp for Rising 4th-7th graders)                                                     Taught by Melissa Hardesty- Campers will focus on the ocean and the vital role it plays in sustaining life on our planet as we know it. We will study the many different ecosystems that make up over 70% of our planet.  Campers will learn about threats to different ecosystems and how people are trying to make a difference. Campers will explore different hands-on learning activities involving microscopic organisms, plants, and unique dissection specimens

June 12-16………. Cup Stacking and Domino Towers (Rising 2nd & 3rd graders)   (THIS SESSION NO LONGER AVAILABLE)                                                                  Taught by Claire Perkins – Campers will learn the challenging game of cup stacking and domino toppling. Cup stacking and domino toppling are great ways to improve hand/eye coordination, dexterity, and ambidextrous abilities. Because of the simple concept of the activities, there’s no learning curve or participation barrier. It takes no time to understand the games and anyone can become highly proficient at stacking and toppling with a little practice.


June 24-28****………….Bubbles and Bombs (Rising 2nd-7th graders)                                                                                            Taught by Alicia Ford – Campers will explore the chemistry behind the suds & fizzles, creating assorted soap and bath bombs.  The campers will use organic products from goat’s milk to herbs to make these amazing creations!

June 24-28****………….Get Your STEAM Going (Rising 2nd-7th graders)                                                                                          Taught by Claire Perkins, campers explore their world through different eyes as they experiment with hands on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math using every day, common household materials.  Learning about how science surrounds us will open children’s eyes and ears to the world of invention and creativity.

                                ***Campers will attend both of the above sessions during this one week camp.


July 24-28………….Volleyball Clinic (Rising 4th  – 7th grade girls)                                                                                              Coach Shari Purvis will get you ready for volleyball season before it starts.  Emphasis will be working with girls individually on serving, passing, and setting skills.  We will also focus on conditioning and overall fitness, as well as working together on a team, and learning more about team strategy. Come get a heads up on volleyball and be an Ace on Cedarwood’s brand new collegiate standard volleyball court.


Camp Fees

Material & Supply Fee per session-$25

Session Fee for AM/Half Day (9:00AM-noon) prior to May lst-$165/after May lst-$175

Session Fee for PM/Afternoon (noon-3:00PM) prior to May 1st-$90/after May lst-$100

Please print form and mail with camp required fees to: 607 Heavens Drive, Mandeville, LA 70471 (If you are unable to open the camp registration form, download adobe acrobat reader here »)