Student Council

Student Council 2016-2017

Student Council 2016-2017

Cedarwood School elects a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer from 4th – 7th grade. Each of those classes are also represented by two class officers. The Council meets each week to discuss projects in which the student body would like to participate. Service Projects in the community are the focus of Student Council’s activities.

Student Council Officers 2016-2017

  • President: Victoira Fernandez
  • Vice-President: Preston Tate
  • Treasurer: Emily Ovella
  • Secretary: Julia Salvant


2016-2017 Student Council

The Cedarwood School Student Council holds an annual Induction Ceremony to install officers and representatives. Private high school student body leaders speak at the annual ceremony. The Moderator for Student Council is middle school teacher, Melissa Hardesty. Pictured is the 2016-2017 Student Council, moderator, and guest speakers.

Student Council Coordinates Community Service Projects

The Student Council promotes service in the community. Cedarwood students collected more than 3000 items to help replenish the shelves of various food banks.

Annual Food Drive

Annual Food Drive

The Student Council selects a national charity and a local charity in which to support for the school year. They also contribute to the purchase of something special for the school. The Council is also active in supporting the community of the school by serving as school ambassadors. Student Council members serve in an important leadership role for all students and contribute new ideas for promoting positive growth in student activities.

Cedarwood Student Council, in conjunction with the City of Mandeville, implemented a recycling program at Cedarwood.

The Student Council also sponsors socials for the middle school students several times a year.