Why Cedarwood School Kindergarten?

Jennifer McCloy

Jennifer McCloy

By: Jennifer McCloy, M.Ed – Kindergarten Teacher

This year was my 9th year teaching kindergarten. I taught in South Carolina for 5 years before moving back HOME to Louisiana. The school where I worked was in a small town which had amazing teachers who were more like mothers to many of the at-risk children that attended the school. Many children were considered homeless by the state because they did not have a primary residence or still others were living with grandmas and grandpas because mom and dad had two or maybe three jobs each. During the five years that I worked in this school, I learned a lot about expectations and how the expectations we put on our students can allow them to achieve and possibly fail.

Since moving to Louisiana, I have worked at Cedarwood School, a private educational institution that prides itself on being small and providing their students with a foundation for life. Because of the big differences in the types of areas and facilities that I have worked in, I made a point to reflect each year on the experiences and opportunities that my students had; as a way to plan for the next year, to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of my students, and also to remember all of the different and unique ways that I have been changed as an educator.

Every year I have a prospective kindergarten parent ask me…”Why Cedarwood?” and after my reflection of my students this year, I would like to share my answer with you!

As a student in the Cedarwood School Kindergarten class, your child will:
– Learn the meaning of friendship, community, and working as a team in our “Kindergarten Community” of developmental learning centers.IMG_2024
– They will celebrate 8 different cultures and traditions from around the world as the school transformed for our Annual International Festival.
– They will experience the history of Thanksgiving and the importance of building relationships with others, while learning to read and put on a play.
– They will apply their previous and learned knowledge of letters and sounds toward decoding of words, comprehension of their reading, and learning the purpose of books – to gain information.
– They will create and use tools to apply multiple level math skills such as patterning, measurement, greater than/less than, data application, addition and subtraction problems, place value, and estimation.
– They will apply the scientific process to growing plants, performing experiments, understanding the meaning and process of a life cycle, and learn to not be afraid to ask questions!
– They will be bilingual learners because of the influence of our Spanish teacher, Mrs. Ford
CC girls meet– They will become athletes and teammates because of our Physical Education teacher, Coach Morgan.
-They will excel as computer programmers because of the research and foresight of our computer teacher, Mrs. Statton.
– They will be creative thinkers and dreamers because of our Art teacher, Mrs. Sojka.
– They will cherish and love books because they see those feelings that a book can bring through our librarian Mrs. Vehnekamp.
– And they will be confident individuals because they have the opportunity to use and celebrate their voices in music with Mrs. Vacante.

Cedarwood’s mission is to provide a Foundation for Life because, as my favorite philosopher John Dewey says “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself!”

So…Why Cedarwood School?

Because life is a gift and one you can give to your child.